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Me-Ware - Business Solutions & Consulting

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Me-Ware - Business Solutions & Consulting For over 15 years, we have been helping Housing Authorities, local governments, and HUD to solve the challenges facing our industry. We have:

  • Performed HUD RIM Reviews, Independent Assessments, Physical Needs Assessments, and Management to assist Troubled and Recovering Public Housing Authorities.
  • Performed HUD PHAS Confirmatory review and recoveries in Rockford, IL, Sacramento City and County, CA, Springfield, OH, Little Rock, AR, San Benito, TX, Laredo, TX, Morgan City, LA, Fort Meyers, FL, NE Georgia, GA, Laurel, MS, and Prichard, AL, just to name a few.
  • Assisted HUD's Policy and Legislative Initiatives- National Scope with Move-To-Work Technical Assistance and Policy and Legislative Initiatives Group for 24 PHA's.
  • Developed asset and property management organizations for local housing authorities.
  • Provided strategic and financial planning for PHAs throughout the country.

PHA Instrumentalities

Our experienced staff can also assist in the creation and use of the various types of PHA instrumentalities for housing development. We've helped the San Antonio, TX Housing Authority, Housing Authority of the City of Houston, TX, and the Dallas-Ft. Worth, HUD Office in the structure and procurement guidelines for tax credit development. We have the talent and experience to help guide you and your staff through this complex process. We are not attorneys, and in some areas specific legal representation will be required, so we have developed partnerships that can help you identify the specific legal talent needed at the right time.

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